The EZB Web UI and Presets

EZB has a simple web page that lets you setup EZB from a web browser on a laptop or mobile phone. You can

  • Select the current Sonos speaker (or Zone)
  • Select a Brennan B2, B3 or BB1
  • Adjust the Hibernate Timeout (how long before EZB goes to sleep)
  • Update the software
  • Search for Radio Stations and assign to presets

EZB should be awake and connected (slow pulsing LED) for you to access it with the web UI.

To expand a panel tap on the triangle. This shows the Zone picker. Brennan music players will show up here - as well as Sonos speakers.

This shows the Hibernate Timeout setting. Thats the time after which EZB goes to sleep. This is originally set to 1200 seconds (or twenty minutes). I found that an hour (3600 seconds) is better for me and it doesn't make much difference to battery life.

The version panel shows when the software was created and allows you to update the software. You probably shouldn't update except when you know there is new software. A software update takes about a minute.

Radio Presets

This is an experimental feature that lets you play an internet radio station with one button press.

If you press Back, Play or Next when EZB is asleep then EZB will wake up, connect to Wifi and play the assigned radio station (preset) to the selected Sonos speaker.

You can see the presets in the preset panel - but you set them using the Search vTuner panel.

Type in part of the radio station name then enter and EZB will search the vTuner database for matching stations.

You can then play the matching stations and/or assign them to one of the buttons. 1 is the left (back) button. 2 is the middle (play/stop) button. 3 is the right (next button).