B2 Specifications

  • Stores 500/1000/4400 CDs on 240G/480G/2T as FLAC.
  • Stores 2250/4500/9000 CDs on 240G/480G/2T disk as MP3.
  • Total 15W+15W RMS TPA3110 power amplifier
  • 32 key credit card remote
  • 3.5 million album database
  • Text Search for Track or Album by remote control, front panel or web browser
  • Segue - blends one track into the next
  • Internet Radio - 40,000+ stations from around the world. Organised geographically or search by name with the Web UI - ten presets.
  • Play through Sonos loudspeakers.
  • Apps for Android and iPhone.
  • Bluetooth In - play music from your mobile phone or tablet through B2 - nothing to do on B2 just connect on your phone/tablet and play. (Requires optional Bluetooth dongle for B2).
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) facility - lets you see the Brennan hard disk contents on a computer.
  • Works with Spotify Connect
  • HDMI Out - play music through your TV or Home Cinema
  • 256 x 64 soft scrolling graphic white OLED display
  • Compact 4.8 x 17 x 15.3 cm
  • 1.2kg solid aluminium construction
  • Loads CDs to hard disk at up to 12x - play music while loading
  • Music compressed to FLAC or MP3 automatically
  • Two USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbits / sec ports. These are used by the Wifi and Bluetooth dongles but can be expanded using a USB hub.
  • Optical SPDIF output (shares connector with line out jack - we can supply compatible optical cables)
  • Record from line in - convert vinyl to MP3s
  • Rear connectors - loudspeakers, line in, SPDIF/line out, USBx2, 24V DC
  • Backup music and playlists to external USB hard disk for safe keeping
  • Built in Raspberry Pi processor module.
  • External laptop computer style 24V power supply / AC adaptor - included - works from 110V to 240V. Size  3cm x 6cm x 13cm. 3m overall lead length.
  • Loudspeakers 22cm (H) x 14.5cm (W) x 18cm (D) - sold separately 


B2 is simple to connect

  • 24V DC - from the AC adaptor
  • Loudspeakers

Extra connections - may be useful but not necessary

  • Wifi dongle - usually in USB A
  • Bluetooth dongle - usually in USB C
  • SPDIF / Line out - 3.5mm electrical or optical. Sold separately.
  • Aux in - tuner, turntable, ipod etc you can record from this input so you could use it to transfer from vinyl to mp3
There are two slots for Ethernet cables. You need to unscrew the back panel to plug the cable directly into the Raspberry Pi. You don't need Ethernet but it will provide better internet access if your Wifi is poor - and it frees up a USB port.


Remote Control