Warranty, Returns and Repairs

We currently repair, upgrade and generate database updates for Brennan JB7s manufactured as long as 14 years ago - we want your Brennan to last for years.

There is a 30 day no quibble guarantee when you buy. So if the Brennan is not right for you just return to Amazon or email us for instructions and you will get back what you paid.

There is a 12 month warranty so if there is a fault in the first twelve months we will repair and refund postage costs.

In fact if there is a fault in the first few months we would normally swap the defective unit for a new one - some owners choose a free repair - it's up to you.

After 12 months if there is a fault we will repair for a fee.

FYI, returned Brennans are not resold but sent to our repair centre and are either dismantled or retested and sold as refurbished at a discount from time to time.

Our email address for returns and repairs is thebrennanb2@gmail.com