3rd Generation Mobile App

There are Brennan mobile apps for Apple and Android.

Click here for Apple

And here for Android

The app gives you far greater control of your Brennan without the need to use the web UI or front panel.

We put support for Sonos speakers at the heart of the app.

Most functions are pretty obvious but these notes may help.

  • You should install the latest software on your B2 or BB1 for the app to work fully.
  • The phone must be on the same local network as the Brennan (and Sonos speakers if you have them).
  • Touch the HiFi icon (to the right of the Brennan logo) to connect to the Brennan. You only need to do this once.
  • If you have more than one Brennan you can switch between them by touching the Hifi icon.
  • If you own Sonos speakers you can select the current speaker by touching "Change Speaker" - all subsequent playback will be directed to the current speaker displayed to the left.
  • Most day to day functions are supported by by the app but you can open the web UI by touching "Web UI" at the top left. You might use the Web UI for USB functions.
  • Sonos speakers do not play from Youtube so that icon is inactive if a Sonos speaker is selected.
  • The app should discover your Brennan automatically. Some routers may block this. Click on the Hifi symbol and then Manual Setup and you can enter the brennan ip adress directly.
  • If you are having problems with the app on Android check that you have not disabled Location Services (go to Settings->Location on the phone).