Brennan B2 - two minute introduction

Martin Brennan describes the B2

Very quick overview of features. Since making the video - we've added Sonos, Youtube, Guest Mode, Album Art and more.


Brennan B2 - the Hifi with a Website

Imagine right now - open another tab on this browser - see all your music and 40,000 radio stations. Search, Play, Turn up the volume. 

What is it?

At its simplest B2 is a micro jukebox. 

You can use it like a CD player - just put a CD
 in and press play.

But press another button and B2 copies the CD onto the hard disk.

Track, Album and Artist names are added as you load so you can find music by name.

Store all your CDs on the hard disk and get instant access to any track and play unbroken music at the touch of a button. 

Brennan B2 at home

B2 uses FLAC compression that's a lossless compression technique so B2 stores an exact copy of what is on the CD. (See Martin's simple explanation of compression).

2Tb model can store 5000 CDs as FLAC.

Find music quickly - it takes just a few seconds to search for a track by name. Or simply scroll through albums using the volume knob.

If you want utter simplicity - the Next button turns B2 on and plays your music at random - don’t like what it plays just press again - music as simple as an electric kettle.

Listen to your favourite radio station - via the internet - now over 38,000 stations - so you can listen to New Orleans in Cambridge or BBC Radio Four in Spain.

Web UI

You can operate B2 from the front panel or with a remote control but its the Web User Interface (Web UI) that transforms how you will enjoy music. 

The web user interface lets you control your B2 from your sofa with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It is simply the most natural way to choose and play your music. Its how Hifi was meant to be. You will never go back.

Uncompromised Audio Quality

B2 has its own 15W+15W RMS power amplifier with chunky 4mm plugs if you want a simple one box music system. (30W RMS means uncomfortably loud in my office).

There is an optical SPDIF output on the back so you can deliver the music to a high end DAC or high end audio equipment for uncompromised audio quality.

This message bears repeating - the B2 digital output is identical to and therefore as good as any high end CD player. Regardless of price.

B2 has Bluetooth so you can play music from Spotify or iTunes etc. on your mobile phone or tablet through the B2.

B2 is machined from solid aluminium and has either a black or stained brushed aluminium front. Its impressively solid and can take a 70kg load (me).

Transfer music into B2 from your Brennan JB7 or Apple iTunes or PC using a USB hard disk.

Backup to an external hard disk so your music is safe in the event of a breakdown.

Big bright display that you can read from across a room.

New features - are being added every month. Upgrade the software in seconds over the internet.

Order through our shop or through Amazon.

A B2 turns a bit of shelf space into your world of music.


News May 2019

There is a new Brennan coming.

Best Kit

"The best CD ripping machine that we’ve tested - A Must-Have For Discerning Audiophiles"

Jonathan Parker
Luxe Digital

Read the review.

"Highly Recommended"

Mel Martin
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity 13th June 2018

Read the review.

"I can't praise this kit too highly"

Jonathan Margolis
Financial Times 4th Nov 2017

Read the whole review.

"This is the best piece of kit I’ve ever used. It is a completely stress free way to store and listen to all your music. I’m enjoying my CD collection all over again now that it’s so easy to access. And the internet radio is an amazing added bonus!"
Leona Graham
Absolute Radio Presenter

New for 2019

A new web UI for mobile phones has been written from scratch. The new UI runs in parallel to the original and avoids the compromises that come from trying to make a web page that works on a desktop and a mobile phone. Its already my preferred way to use the B2.

Old News

Experimental fun new Youtube functions brought into main Web UI.
See New Youtube Page

Open Source Web UI

Jan 2019
New open source Web UI Project here

JB7 News

8th May 2018
We have restarted production of key JB7 components so we can service JB7s until 2020.
Audio Tech can now revitalise your JB7 with a new display - see here for details.
Thinking of trading up to a B2? - Audio Tech will buy your old JB7 - even if its not working.

"I have to say, too - if you thought the JB7 was good (and it was - a good friend bought it off me, and loves it), the B2 is amazing. Steve." 

Brennan Forum

News 30th December 2017
We are working on a new forum where we and fellow B2 owners can answer technical questions and share tips - its hosted on Google Groups


We've extended B2 so that you can use it with Sonos. Turns out its almost like Brennan and Sonos were made for each other - a real joy.

Sonos: neat wireless speakers and slick software. Brennan: ripping and music storage, old school physical controls and high quality stereo sound.

Here for the details.


12th May 2018

New Album Art function.
"Fantastic","Brilliant","Great Fun"

10th November 2017

New CD Ripping & cover art video guide here 

20th October 2017

I am working on a series of videos to make it easier to understand and use the B2. This is the first. Let me know anything you find confusing about B2 and I'll try and explain in a video.


Martin Brennan describes the B2

Setting up the B2

Old News - Alexa

“Alexa - Connect to Brennan”
"Now Connected to Brennan B2
“Alexa - Play Christmas Music”

Amazon Echo Dot

It took seconds to pair the new Amazon Echo Dot (£49.99) with my Brennan B2. Tap Settings on the Alexa App then pick the Alexa product you want to pair (I only had the one). Then tap Bluetooth. After a moment you will see the Brennan B2 listed. Tap and it's paired. After that Alexa speaks and plays music through the Brennan speakers. You don’t need the app again.

Alexa is intriguing technology and promises to be a lot of fun over the holidays. Similar services are coming from Google and Apple - I think Echo Dot is a great (inexpensive) way to to try out this exciting technology.

NB just to be clear Alexa doesn't control the Brennan it simply plays through Brennan using Bluetooth.