Brennan B2

The Brennan B2 - is CD Ripper, Hard Disk Jukebox and Complete Audio system.
This two minute video takes you through most of the features.


  • Compact, solid aluminium construction.
  • Plays and rips CDs
  • Internal 15 + 15 Watt RMS amplifier
  • Internal disk stores up to 5,000 CDs losslessly or 10,000 as MP3
  • Use with our BSP50 speakers or attach your own.
  • Web user interface - extra control with your phone, tablet or computer
  • 40,000 Internet Radio stations, plays Youtubes & Bluetooth
  • Network attached storage (NAS) - works with Sonos

5,000 CDs at your fingertips.

Use the Web UI on your computer to get the most out of large music collections.

Or use the Web UI on your phone for convenient access to your music.

The B2 will transform how you enjoy music.

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News November 2019

New Baby Brennan photographs, prices and specifications.
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Best Kit

"The best CD ripping machine that we’ve tested - A Must-Have For Discerning Audiophiles"

Jonathan Parker
Luxe Digital

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"Highly Recommended"

Mel Martin
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity 13th June 2018

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"I can't praise this kit too highly"

Jonathan Margolis
Financial Times 4th Nov 2017

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"This is the best piece of kit I’ve ever used. It is a completely stress free way to store and listen to all your music. I’m enjoying my CD collection all over again now that it’s so easy to access. And the internet radio is an amazing added bonus!"
Leona Graham
Absolute Radio Presenter