Latest Software

New features are being added to B2 and BB1 all the time.

It takes just a few seconds to get the latest software.

B2 Settings->Web Upgrade
BB1 Settings & Tools->Maintenance->Web Upgrade

Details about the upgrade are published first on the UK site here

Here are the most recent changes

9th March 2021

Please note - DLNA must be turned off for the Sonos feature to work - all versions.
This upgrade for BB1 lets you play music to Sonos speakers directly from the BB1 itself - no mobile phone or browser required. You can use the menus to select music or just press the buttons and it plays to the currently selected Sonos zone. 

1st March 2021

This upgrade for BB1 and B2 includes 'Stereo Pairs' improvements and the front panel option for the B2 - BB1 to follow. And a couple of bug fixes since 25th.
The B2 now sorts Sonos zones alphabetically so it may be a good idea to click Scan Sonos on the web UI (Settings) and then reload the web UI - just once so everything is in sync.
The BB1 code includes a fix for DAC support.

25th February 2021

This file for B2B offline upgrade contains new Sonos features.

  • Pick a Sonos Zone from the front panel.
  • Play music/radio to Sonos Zones and adjust the volume without browser or mobile
  • Play different music in different zones at the same time.
  • One touch play music at random to your Sonos - just press next (like with the wired speakers)
  • Sonos stereo pairs now working - a great feature
  • Faster Sonos discovery
  • Fix for limited scrolling on web UI in the Android app.

Thanks to John H for assisting with Stereo Pairs.

14th February 2021

  • Youtube update to keep in step with changes at Youtube site.
  • Improvements to reduce SD card wear.
  • Stop play at end of CD - was restarting.


26th January 2021

  • Move JB7 Backup and Restore to their own submenu
  • Display Export instead of Backup as appropriate
  • Fix MP3 compression on B2 software.
  • Fix problem caused by back tick in file names and new compression mechanism
  • Fix play after standby problem caused by new compression mechanism
  • Improve Wifi restart after compression


20th January 2021

This upgrade fixes a minor problem with the volume control on the iPhone app when used with Sonos. You will need the latest app version 2.0.3 or later.
Also fixes a problem compressing files containing ampersands

11th January 2021

This upgrade for all models will allow the Brennan to work with the new 2nd Generation iPhone app to be launched later today - more here. The app can be found on the app store - search for 'martin brennan'.

In addition to support for the App it includes the following changes

  • You can now play radio stations to Sonos from the vTuner tab
  • The system will behave better if a Sonos speaker is turned off
  • The system will play tracks if paths contain ampersands
  • The first track will play sooner when a lot of music is queued to a speaker


9th December 2020

  • Recent Youtube fix extended to Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Bug fix in new MP3 encoder to handle special characters in some filenames


3rd December 2020

  • Sonos App and B2 web UI now show album art, radio logo and other details when playing through Sonos speakers.
  • Play Artist added to Sonos.
  • Sonos queue limit increased from 100 to 1000
  • New faster mp3 encoding on B2/BB1 - its still slow compared to a PC - but about 2x faster than previously.
  • Cover art now added during MP3 encoding.


26th November 2020

  • This release for all models fixes a recent change at Youtube.
  • DLNA was found to be incompatible with the recent Sonos function so turning on DLNA will now switch off Sonos and vice versa. If you use the Sonos feature please make sure DLNA is turned off - press Info in the remote. You can turn DLNA on and off in Settings->Maintenance.
  • Bluetooth and Wired speakers together has been fixed.
  • Work on Sonos is ongoing and I did not plan on a software release yet but you will find that Radio Presets now play through Sonos. This is not tested significantly so let us know of any stations that do not work. 


2nd November 2020

This release fixes Playlist Export.

29th October 2020

This release for all models fixes the Youtube downloader after some changes on the Youtube site.
BB1 gets the new Sonos functionality.
The Sonos speaker limit was increased to ten. Sonos Boost devices are now hidden. Volume is updated on change of device and problems playing files with ampersands (&) and other troublesome characters have been fixed.

23rd October 2020

This release for B2 and B2B has a new Sonos capability. More here. Let us know what you think via the forum or email.