Before you try anything else make sure you have tried the following

  1. Turn B2 off and on
  2. Get the latest software Settings->Web Upgrade
  3. Settings->Scan Disk
  4. Press Info on the remote to get stats on your B2.

CD Mechanism stopped working?
Email us at

Skipping titles without playing?
Sure sign you should do this: Settings->Scan Disk

Other things to consider
Disable "Enable TV UI" on Settings Page of Web UI
Turn off Classical Mode - Settings->Classical Mode

Red and Green flashing leds?
This means the Raspberry Pi hasn't started and that usually means the SD card (or micro SD) has become dislodged.
Original B2 - turn off - remove and reinsert the SD card on the side - turn on.
Recent B2 - follow instructions here to remove and reinsert the Micro SD card.

More here

Wifi Problems?
Watch the video

If you do not see your Wifi network during Wifi Setup.

  1. Check you have the Wifi dongle plugged in.
  2. Try putting the B2 nearer the router - at least while you get it all going.
  3. Try putting the Wifi dongle on a USB extension lead - so its nearer the router, away from obstacles and the B2 itself.
  4. If the B2 shows the time then it managed to connect to the internet.

If you cannot see the B2 from a browser.

  1. Check you have the correct IP address - it can change - its displayed on the OLED.
  2. Some browsers work if you put http:// before the ip address - so for example I would type as the URL
  3. If you are using a mobile device - make sure Wifi is enabled and the device is on the same Wifi network.
  4. Try connecting to the Wifi router admin web page from the device. The IP address of the router may be printed on the box itself or in the instructions. If you can't see the router then you won't be able to see anything else.
  5. The Wifi router admin pages will allow you to see all networked devices and often helps find out whats going on.

If the B2 used to connect but now doesn't - turn the Wifi router off and on - and then the B2. In necessary repeat the Wifi setup.

Some owners have reported much better internet when they bought a Wifi with an antenna and used it instead of the supplied Wifi dongle. If you search Amazon for "RT5370" you will find several compatible devices. The antenna delivers about 100x more power. 


If all else fails one solution may be to attach a cheap travel router like TP-LINK TL-WR702N £18.99 to your household router with the short Ethernet cable that comes with the TP-LINK - then connect the B2 to the TP-LINK wifi.

Alternatively you could consider using a wired Ethernet connection from B2 to your router. This can be especially helpful if you use B2 with Sonos. See this page for how to connect with Ethernet.

BT Home Hub 5

This router has a Smart Setup feature enabled by default. Please follow hub instructions or ask BT how to disable this feature - which prevents anything but a browser from attaching.

All of my Music has disappeared!
At power up if the display shows something like 'b2 6.05G' and the scrolling text showing '0 Tracks in 0 Albums 0 Artists', your B2 has switched itself to accessing the SD Card (where the OS is stored) rather than the HDD (where your music is stored).

Using the front panel control go to Settings > Maintenance > Use HDD. The B2 will reboot into HDD mode and all of your music should be present again.

Now press and hold the PLAY/STOP button until 'Saving' has been displayed briefly and the display returns to the Home screen (the one showing the clock).

Stuck on Aux - CD Disabled, WARNING Low speed USB
Press HDD on the remote control.

Internet Radio - Presets stopped working.
Internet Radio stations can change their URLs from time to time.
Use vTuner search to find the station and play from there then reassign to the preset.

WAVs not compressing?
Try this Settings->Scan Disk

Freezing during backup, compression or import?
Try removing the Wifi dongle

USB Hard Disk problems

  1. Some USB disks require more power than USB C can provide. Try putting the Wifi dongle into USB C and the USB disk into USB A.
  2. Alternatively use a powered USB hub between the B2 and the USB hard disk.
  3. Some USB 3 hard disks have connectors that don't work with USB 2 connectors on earlier B2s. This can be fixed by using a short extension lead between B2 and the hard disk. Later B2s have Blue connectors that work fine.

Search for "short USB extension cable " on Amazon.

The drive should be formatted FAT32 - plug into a PC and right click on the drive and select properties to find the format.
If it says NTFS it won't work on B2.
You can use B2 to format the drive.
Settings->Maintenance->Format USB C
WARNING this deletes everything that was on the drive.

Stuck CD
Thanks to Mark M for this tip. B2 attempts to eject the CD when it starts.

So if you have a CD that won't eject - try holding the B2 vertically and then turn the power off and on. Mark said he tried a few times with different orientations but this trick has been found to work by another owner. I'm not sure the exact orientation that did the trick.

Bluetooth Problems
Bluetooth out has been deprecated. Many Bluetooth speakers work fine but some will not pair or will drop the connection. See this page for details. Maybe use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead.

Change Clock
To change the clock after Daylight Saving change: Settings->Set Timezone

HDD Read Only
See Martins blog post

Sonos & Powerline Adaptor
Powerline network adaptors may be problematic with Sonos. One owner used a Sonos BOOST device to extend the range of Sonos to ther rooms.

Difficulties with NAS and Sonos are often down to poor wireless network connections and many owners have reported the problems completely cured by switching to ethernet.

Can I have a copy of the B2 instruction booklet?
Quick Start Guide download

Fixed IP Address
Your Wifi router can change the B2 IP address - which is inconvenient. You can assign a "static ip address" to the B2 to solve this. To do that you need to login to your router and give it the MAC address on the B2 info screen. Details will vary from router to router.

These instructions are to fix the IP address of the Brennan B2 using a Buffalo Airstation WBMR-HP-G300H modem/router

  1. Turn on the Brennan B2. Using the remote control press Info then the up arrow.Make a note of the MAC address displayed on the front panel then press OK.
  2. Login to the modem/router using its admin interface at the 'Default Gateway' IP address (Google that if you don't know how to do it).Click on Internet / LAN.Click on LAN and look at the DHCP IP Address pool. This is range of IP addresses that are automatically assigned as 'computers' that are connected to the LAN power on.My range is to
  3. Click on DHCP Lease (your router may call it something different)
  4. Click on Manual Assignment for the line containing the B2's MAC address. Wait for page to refresh then click on Edit and change the IP address to something at the top of the DHCP range.I chose on Save and reboot the router then reboot the Brennan B2.
  5. In my browser I have a 'favourite' set to which takes me straight to the B2's interface.

B2 USB Compatibility
Known good devices

  • Freecom 1TB USB hard disk
  • Hama Bus Powered Hub
  • Kingston 64G USB
  • Mini keyboard
  • Freecom 260G Toughdrive