B3 Menu Summary

Main Menu
Artists Scroll through all the artists. Play an artist or drill down and see all albums and tracks.
Albums Scroll through all the albums. Play an album or drill down and see the tracks
Presets & Playlists Start Playing one of 20 preset internet radio stations or playlists - use Web UI to set presets
Pick Speaker Pick which loudspeaker or zone to send music to
CD Only shows when there is a CD present. This takes you to the Pick CD Title screen and lets you Rip, Play and find tracks on the CD
Search Finds all Artists, Albums and Tracks containing some text
Settings & Tools Starts the Settings Menu
Random On/Off Turns Random (shuffle) on or off
USB Functions This only shows if there is a USB memory device - like a USB hard disk plugged in. Starts the USB Menu

Settings Menu
Setup Wifi Scan the available networks. Pick one and enter password - only do this once.
Set Timezone Adjust the timezone relative to GMT - this function only adjusts whole hours. If you need to adjust minutes use Zone Minutes in the Maintenance Menu.
Stats Display useful information like capacity and software version
Classical Mode Turn on to stop at end of album. Turns off random.
Maintenance Starts the maintenance menu.
Tools Starts the tools menu.


This menu will display the USB port where the USB memory is plugged in. USB A is on the front and USB B is on the back. Not all functions are available on USB B.

USB Menu
Browse USB A This function lets you navigate through the files and folders on the USB memory. You can import a particular music file or folder. The music is assumed to be organised as tracks in an album folder in an artist folder. (like iTunes or a Brennan export). The names of the artist and album will be taken from the parent folders of the music files.
Export Playlist to USB A This function writes all the music in a specific playlist to the USB memory. The music on the target device will be organised into artist and album folders.
Backup to USB A

Write all the music and playlists on the Brennan to the USB memory. The process is incremental. The backup is stored in a folder called b2Export

Restore JB7 Backup from USB A Load music from a JB7 backup. JB7 backups have a different format to B2 exports.
Load mydb from USB A Loads the offline CD database (mydb) from the USB memory - you can get this file from a link on www.brennan.co.uk - its more than 1Gb

Maintenance Menu
Select Bluetooth Play the Bluetooth input. Not normally needed - you might use this if you were playing from Bluetooth then switched to the hard disk and wanted to switch back to Bluetooth.
Delete All Music Delete all the music on the hard disk. You will be asked to confirm as it is irreversible!
Scan Disk Rebuilds an index of the music on the hard disk. Useful if B2 was turned off while busy. Turn off and on then do this first if you have any problems.
Web Upgrade Get the latest software from www.brennan.co.uk. You can find the date of your current software in Stats.
USB Upgrade Upgrade the software from a USB memory in USB A. You need to get a file called b2s.tar.gz from www.brennan.co.uk
Reset Bluetooth Clears the Bluetooth subsystem
Start/Stop NAS Enable/Disable Brennan Network Attached Storage. Will cause the B3 to reboot.
Hidden SSID Special setup for WiFi networks that don't broadcast their SSID.
Sonos Scan Do an immediate search for Sonos speakers
Forget Sonos Clear Sonos configuration - useful if you added or removed Sonos speakers.
Advanced Menu Starts the advanced menu - seldom used functions - most owners won't need these..

Advanced Menu
Format USB A Reformat the USB memory device in USB A
Reset Wifi and Reboot Clears the Wifi settings
Wifi Stregth Displays the current Wifi signal strength
Get librespot
Delete Local database Deletes the offline database (mydb) if installed. You only need the offline database if you don't have an internet connection. It can clutter the results so this removes it.

Tools Menu
Export Playlists Save the playlists to USB A. This function only saves the list - not the music. These are text files and you could edit them with care.
Import Playlists Load playlists from USB A.
Compress WAV to MP3 This function starts compression of all uncompressed (WAV) files to MP3. Use MP3 if you are short of space or quality is not so important.
Compress WAV to FLAC This function starts compression of all uncompressed (WAV) files to FLAC. FLAC is lossless so it saves space without any loss if quality.
Compress FLAC to MP3 This function starts compression of FLAC files to MP3. You might use this if your disk is full - but it will result in a loss of quality.