The Controls and Connections

Front Panel

1 - OLED display The title line of the display shows Album, Artist, Track, Station names and Menu headings

The scrolling INFO line displays information including Source, Playlist name, Bluetooth status, IP address, Ripping & Compression progress, Menu Title and help prompts
2 - Control Knob Rotate the Control to -

- Adjust the volume
- Browse menu options
- Browse characters for searches or passwords
- Browse CD titles

Press and release the Control to -

- Access the main menu
- Select a menu option
- Select a character
- Select a CD title and start ripping
3 - EJECT button - Eject a CD
- Cancel ripping
4 - BACK button

- Play previous track on HDD or CD
- Play the previous radio preset
- Go to previous menu and/or exit the main menu
- Delete a character when entering text

Pressing BACK when B2 is not playing will start playing Preset 1 - this could be a radio station or playlist.

5 - NEXT button

- Play next track on HDD or CD
- Play the next radio preset
- Confirm Password
- View Search results

Pressing NEXT when B2 is not playing will play all the music at random.

6 - PLAY/STOP button - Pause and Play music, for all sources
- Play selected Album or Track
- Hold to save settings
7 - IR Window Remote control receiver and indicators for power (red) and remote control activity (green)
8 - CD slot

Rear Panel

 9 - 24V DC Plug the Brennan DC power adapter here
10 - USB A Plug the WiFi dongle here
11 - Right & Left Connect your speakers here using cables fitted with 4mm (Banana) plugs (available from the Shop)
13 - USB C Plug the Bluetooth dongle here

Can also be used to connect a USB HDD or memory stick for backups or importing music, a USB Hub and/or a keyboard
14 - Line Out + SPDIF

This is a combined output connector for analogue audio (3.5mm stereo jack) and digital audio (mini TOSLink - available from the Shop)

The 3.5mm jack can be used to connect the B2 to an external amplifier (your existing sound system) or used for headphones

The mini TOSLink can be connected to an external DAC or an amplifier or speaker system with an optical input

15 - Aux In

Line level analogue audio input (3.5mm stereo jack)

16 - Ethernet Cable access

Access slots for fitting an Ethernet cable for direct broadband connection

17 - HDMI

HDMI digital audio output - can be connected to a TV, Soundbar or AV amplifier to access digital audio from the B2. Enable HDMI Audio using settings in the Web UI.

The Remote Controller

1 - Rec  - Start/Stop recording to HDD

You have to select Aux mode before this will work
2 - Prev - Play previous track - depends on Random on-off
- Play previous radio station
- Move cursor to the left during text entry
3 - Play/Stop - Start or Stop music for any source
4 - Next - Play next track - depends on Random on-off
- Play next radio station
- Move cursor to the right during text entry
5 - Info Display information including -

- Total Tracks, Albums & Artists
- Number of WAV, FLAC, MP3 and AAC tracks
- HDD capacity and usage

Press a second time to see -

- Software version
- MAC address

Press again to see NAS, DLNA and Spotify status
6 - Find - Search for Artists, Albums or Tracks on the HDD
7 - Rand. - Toggle Random mode on or off

The first press shows the current setting, the second press changes the setting
8 - Vol (+) & Vol (-) - Adjust the play volume
9 - Number keys 0 - 9 - Select and play a Playlist (red, orange, etc)

First press displays Playlist name and number of tracks, second press plays the Playlist. When a track is playing pressing and holding the key adds the track to the Playlist

- Enter characters for searches and passwords
- Store Radio preset (press and hold)
- Recall Radio preset (press and release)
- Select a CD track - press '1' and then '2' for 12
10 - Up, Down & OK - Press OK to access the main menu
- Up & Down (arrows) to browse the menus
- OK to select a menu option or a character
11 - DEL - Delete the character to the left of the cursor, in text entry mode
12 - BACK - Go to previous menu
- Exit main menu
13 - CD - Play the CD
14 - HDD - Select the internal HDD as the music source

If a Playlist is playing, pressing 'HDD' will cancel the Playlist
15 - Menu - Access the main menu
16 - Radio  - Play the last listened to radio station
17 - Bluetooth - Play the BT connected device
18 - Aux - Select Aux In mode - the B2 will now restart
19 - X - Key reserved for future use - currently puts the B2 into standby (and starts compression)
20 - Y - Key reserved for future use - currently opens the Pick Zone (Sonos speaker) menu