EZB - Getting Started

1) Charge the battery

Use the supplied cable to charge EZB from any USB power supply. The LED will go out when fully charged. You can use EZB while charging.

If the battery is completely flat it may take around three hours to charge. It will depend on your power supply. It may help to turn EZB off while charging - push the knob so the blue LED is off.

2) Attach EZB to your Wifi network

You will need a mobile phone and its a bit of a chore but you only need to do this once.

There is a step by step guide here

3) Select a Sonos speaker

You can do this with the web UI or Brennan App after you connect to Wifi. This would also be a good time to set the hibernate timeout to an hour.

4) Start playing

Play some music through the selected Sonos speaker and EZB will now control the volume and the back, play/stop and next buttons will operate you would expect.