Web UI

The Brennan can be controlled from any web browser on the same wifi network. The browser can be on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is called the Web UI.

This shows the web UI on a desktop browser.

  • See whats playing, change volume, back, stop, next buttons.
  • Search the Brennan with search results updated as you type.
  • Rename, delete, add album art
  • Click on an artist to see all the albums by that artists.
  • Click on an album to see all the tracks in that album.
  • Create, reorder, delete & combine playlists
  • Assign radio stations to Presets
  • Upload music from your computer
  • Rip CDs and manage album art.
  • Find and play internet radio stations - 40,000 stations .
  • Find and play videos on Youtube
  • Browse files on external USB devices

Four Web Interfaces

In fact there are four Web UIs - two for desktop, two for mobile. The new web UIs are a bit more colorful. The original desktop may have new features first. Like many websites the actual appearance may change with software updates.

Normally you just type the ip address into your browser address bar and then set the preferred view in the settings panel - click the cog icon at top right. The browser will remember for next time.
But you can pick a specific view by name when you type the url. Your IP address will be different but I would type the following to see each of the views.


To start the Web UI you must have previously connected the Brennan to your wifi network. The Brennan will display an IP address on its display. It will look something like

Type the IP Address into the address bar of the browser.

This shows the Chrome browser. Other browsers are similar. Some browsers may need you to precede the ip address with http:// - no spaces. So in my case I would type - you can bookmark this address to save typing it in future.


The Web UI has a number of panels that are pretty much available in all the views - although there are some differences in implementation. 

Now Playing See what's playing, stop and start, adjust volume
vTuner Find and play internet radio stations, assign to presets
Search Text search all music and videos
Youtube Find and play Youtubes
USB Browse any attached USB memory or disk, import music
Artist Show albums belonging to artist. Play, rename, delete etc
Album Show tracks belonging to album. Play rename, delete etc
Playlists Play, create and manage playlists
CD Rip CD, select CD title, load artwork
Presets Browse and play presets
Upload Upload music files from your computer
Settings Statistics, software version and settings
Bluetooth See what’s connected, delete pairings, reset


You can improve the appearance of the mobile web UI and make it easier to use by creating a shortcut.



To create a shortcut on Android load use the browser to show the Web UI then click on the menu icon in the address bar (the three dots) and tap Add To Home Screen. This will create an icon for the brennan on the Android home screen.

On iPhone tap load the Web UI using the browser then tap the up arrow icon at the bottom. Then slide the buttons until you find “Add To Home Screen” button.

In future open the web UI with the new icon and get a less cluttered appearance.

After - no address bar so more space for the UI

Fixed IP address

The IP address of your Brennan is assigned by your wireless router and it can change - which is inconvenient.

It is possible to fix the IP address but it varies from router to router - please see the example in the Troubleshooting page for guidance.