Helix is the simplest lowest cost Brennan Jukebox.

I designed Helix for people with CDs for whom the advanced capabilities of B3 would be overkill.

Helix will also appeal to Sonos owners who need a way to play CDs.

Key features
  • Play CDs and stored music wirelessly to Sonos Loudspeakers
  • Rip CDs to SD card
  • Clean user interface
  • Optical and electrical outputs for connection to an amplfier or headphones
  • Operate from front panel, Web UI and Mobile App
  • Capacity set by your SD card - a 256G SD card will hold 320 CDs
  • Display album art and track names on the colour TFT

Rediscover your CD collection

You can declutter your living room or create a final home for that box of CDs in the attic.

Transfer your CDs to SD card and play them to speakers around your home using a mobile phone as a remote control.

If you are not keen on smartphones you can do everything from the Helix front panel.

Helix is simple to use - you can even use it like a CD player - insert a CD and press play.

Helix v B3

Helix is superficially similar to B3 but has been completely redesigned around a new SOC - System on a Chip.

Helix delivers core jukebox functionality and a deliberately unfussy user interface. JB7 owners will feel at home.