IKEA Speakers work with Brennan

IKEA Symfonisk loudspeakers work with all Brennan products. IKEA speakers are less expensive than Sonos and they have a few unique variants like table lamps and picture frames.

After hearing from Brennan owners we checked an IKEA Symfonisk loudspeaker with all Sonos compatible Brennan products - B2, B3, BB1, VB1 and EZB. And it works just like a Sonos.

In fact the IKEA speakers are a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos and the Symfonisk loudspeaker behaved just like any other Sonos speaker. You even set it up using the Sonos app.

The IKEA speaker is about half the price of a similar sized Sonos speaker so it's an inexpensive way to experience your music throughout your home.

Brennan players like B3, B2 and BB1 can play different music in different rooms or play the same music throughout the house to Sonos and IKEA speakers.

VB1 lets you play music from traditional music sources - like a turntable - to Sonos and IKEA speakers.

The recently announced Brennan EZB lets you control the volume of Sonos and IKEA speakers with a tactile volume knob. It's simple and more immediate than using an app.