Red and Green LEDs Flashing

The B2's OS (operating system) software and some user settings such as the WiFi network name and password are stored on the SD Card. The OS is loaded to the B2 each time the unit is powered up.

If after power up the Red and Green LEDs keep flashing - it normally takes around 8-10s for the B2 to boot up - it may be a problem with one of the following 

The SD Card needs reseating:
On pre Spring 2017 models the external type SD Card is slotted in from the right hand side of the case, so it's a simple matter of pulling the card out and pushing it back in. The card should protrude by around 5mm when fully inserted.

Later B2's are fitted with an internal (micro) SD Card - please see our Techy Stuff page - How to change the Micro SD Card - for instructions on accessing this. The card slot has a push-push action i.e. push and release to unlock the card and pull it gentle out to remove.

To replace make sure the gold contacts are facing upper most, insert the card into the slot, push it against the spring pressure and release. Check the card is retained by pulling it gently.

The software on the SD Card has been corrupted:
This may have been caused by a power outage or removing power when the B2 was busy.

Fixed by reprogramming the card - see our Techy Page - SD Card Image or requesting a replacement card from us - - please state internal or external type card.

After re-programming or replacing the SD Card it will be necessary to run Setup WiFi (Settings menu) as the network SSID and password are stored on the card.

Before powering off - press and hold the Play/Stop button until 'Saving' has been shown briefly and the display returns to the clock. This ensures the B2 is idle when power is removed.

If the B2 is already in 'Standby' - the display shows the clock and the date - it is safe to power off.

A Hardware fault:
If the LEDs still flash (for more than 10s) after reseating and/or re-programming the SD Card, the card holder or the Raspberry Pi (the computer board that powers the B2) may be faulty - in this case please contact us on with a brief description of the problem.