Use Cases

Here are some ways you can use Helix

One of the best ways to use Helix is with Sonos loudspeakers. Sonos speakers let you listen to music throughout your home. Helix will automatically find any Sonos speakers and let you play CDs (or music on the SD card) to the selected speaker or group of speakers.

One of the understated advantages of Sonos speakers is that they are wireless (apart from the mains lead) so no more trying to conceal speaker cables under carpets and around door frames.

If you don’t already own Sonos speakers then you will find Sonos will open up the way you enjoy music.

For me I like the fact that you can grow your Sonos network as time goes on. I started with one Sonos One then I added a second so it would be stereo. Then I put one in the kitchen. I have six now.

It can sometimes feel like there are two different ways to listen to music.

  • Traditional - Lossless, CDs, Vinyl, classical amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Streaming - MP3, Mobile phones, Bluetooth, Smart Speakers, Sonos

What’s worse it's like an either/or choice - you can’t have both. If you adopt streaming you lose your investment in equipment and a priceless (at least to you) music collection. Yet if you don’t adopt streaming you miss out on new technology.

Helix is like a  bridge that lets you have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefits of streaming without throwing away your investment in music and equipment.

You can connect Helix to an existing Hifi system.

If you have an optical connection then - because Helix is lossless - the quality is identical to and therefore as good as any high end CD player - regardless of price.

What’s more that applies to the music ripped to the SD card. You get instant access to all your music and immaculate signal quality.

Helix will transform the capabilities of your existing Hifi system and then let you stream your music around your home.

If you own high quality classic loudspeakers then you could consider pairing Helix with an inexpensive stereo power amplifier like this Topping amplifier.

Did you know you can simply plug a pair of headphones into the Helix 3.5mm jack socket.

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