Using Sonos

The Brennan can drive traditional wired speakers AND as many as 32 Sonos wireless speakers throughout your home. This video shows you how.


  • The Sonos speakers must have been previously installed using the Sonos app and connected to the same network as the Brennan
  • On the web UI the Sonos button will apear to show that B2 has detected Sonos speakers.
  • It can take a few minutes for your Sonos speakers to announce themselves but the Brennan will remember for next time so it's only the first time.
  • The Scan Sonos button in the Settings Panel will find Sonos speakers more quickly.
  • Click on the Sonos button and choose loudspeakers to send music to
  • Click on the play button next to a track it will play that track immediately
  • Click on the play button for an album and it queues the album on the speaker and starts playing the first track. It replaces any previous queue.
  • Click on the play button in a Playlist and it queues the playlist (from that point) - again it deletes any previous queue.
  • The volume and transport buttons work as you expect - except that if you play a single track there is no next or previous.
  • You can switch back to another speaker and the music will continue
  • You can play to a group of speakers or zone by grouping them in the Sonos App
  • Also works on BB1
  • If you change the Sonos speakers - click the “Forget” button in the Settings panel. That will force the Brennan to discover the new configuration.
  • The Brennan lets you break the 65,000 Sonos track limit.
  • It will not play videos.
  • There is a 1000 track limit playing playlists or artists
  • There is no way to see or edit the queued tracks
  • Sonos currently only supported in the "original" web UI
  • DLNA must be turned off. Settings->Maintenance->DLNA

News - February 2022

B2 can now play CDs directly to Sonos speakers. More here.