The Web UI Debug Window

The debug window is a panel in the web UI that lets you see some of the inner workings of the Brennan software.

We use it to help develop the software - and we sometimes ask owners with problems to cut and paste the debug window and email to us.

You can look at it any time - you cannot do any harm.

Click on the Cog icon to open the Settings panel.

Then click on the Wrench Icon to open the Debug Window

If your Brennan is behaving erratically you can sometimes see error messages in the Debug window..

Sometime we ask owners with problems to 

  1. clear the debug window then close it - with the two buttons
  2. perform an operation that is problematic
  3. open the debug window
  4. cut and paste the text in the debug window and email to us

In the above I clicked Forget and Scan Sonos - to check that B2 could find the Sonos speakers on the network.