Random & Classical Modes

Random play on the B2 is really 'shuffle', where the list of tracks on the B2's HDD are randomised.

The list is re-shuffled each time Random mode is turned off and on, when albums and/or tracks are deleted and when the B2 is powered off and on again.

Pressing the NEXT button when the B2 is paused will start a random track playing from the HDD and turn Random mode on.

Random works on individual tracks rather than artists or albums. So selecting an album to play + Random will play the tracks within the album not random albums.

Random mode will play each track once and then repeat the sequence - worth noting for Albums and Playlists.

Having Classical mode ON cancels Random mode.

Playlists can be 'shuffled' as well - Settings > Random = ON or click the shuffle button on the WUI.

Classical mode:
As the name suggests, Classical mode was introduced for listeners of classical music who prefer the music to stop at the end of an album.

Settings > Classical mode = ON

Random mode is cancelled when Classical is ON.