Playing to a Group of Sonos Speakers

I was recently asked how to play to a Group of Sonos Speakers.

It's actually very simple once you know how.  But I did find the Sonos app a bit misleading.

This advice applies to any Brennan product that works with Sonos speakers - B2, BB1, B3 and VB1.

Basically you choose a zone as a “master” and then add more zones to it using the Sonos app.

Then any music played to the master from your Brennan will also come from all the attached zones.

First tap on the system icon in the middle at the bottom of the Sonos App

Then tap on the group icon for the Sonos speaker you want to be the master. I picked “Living Room Stereo”.

Then add zones by checking the box next to the additional zone names and click done. I added Office to Living Room Stereo.


Now everything played to Living Room Stereo will play to both zones.

You can undo the grouping by repeating the process and unchecking boxes.

There is a somewhat misleading function called Groups in the Sonos App Settings -> System menu. This allows you to create a named group of speakers - but it doesn’t actually do anything - it just creates the list of speakers. You will see the list of speakers in the screens above. I created groups called “Both Offices” and “Living Room Group” while experimenting.  You can tap these instead of adding speakers individually.