Make your own speaker leads

What you need:
Speaker cable Find here
Banana plugs Find here
Wire strippers
Small flathead screwdriver
1.Cut the speaker cable to the length required
2.Split the cable to make 2 individual wires about 1 inch from the end 

3.Strip away the insulation on the wire with pliers or wire strippers. Make sure the end of the wire is now exposed. 
4.Repeat for the other wire
5.Twist the copper wire strands at the end of each wire
6.Put the plastic case on the wires. Red wire in Red case and black wire in black case

7.Loosen the screws on the Banana plug 

8.Push the wire into the plugs as far as possible
9.Tighten the screws on the plugs to secure them
10.Push the plastic case onto the plugs 

11. On the other end of the wire, Strip away 2cm of the insulation from the end.

12. Now the wire is ready to be plugged into the Brennan and the speaker.

13. To plug into the Brennan BSP50 speaker you have to press the button down on the back of speaker and insert red wire in red cap and black wire in the black cap