vTuner Panel

This page shows how you use Internet Radio on the Brennan using the Web UI. You may find that the Radio section on the Brennan mobile app is better for you. It offers the same functions.

The vTuner or internet radio panel has two sections.

  1. A classified section that allows you to locate stations geographically
  2. A search section that allows you to search for a radio station by name


  • In the classified section you can click on a region or category to “drill down” further. The navigation buttons let you back up or restart from the top.
  • The radio stations are not stored in the brennan but on vTuners servers around the globe so it takes a short while to update.
  • The search section allows you to search for a radio station by name - you need to click the search icon to start the search.
  • When a radio station is found - in either section - it has a play button and a menu icon.
  • Pressing play will play that station. The menu lets you copy that radio station to a preset so you can find it quicker later.

The mobile version works the same way but the classified and search panels are grouped together with the presets panel - and you can only see one at a time.