VB1 Notes

VB1 will turn off the Brennan VB1 hotspot after it has connected to your Wifi network. However it is always turned on for five minutes after you turn off and on if you want it back.

If the audio signal is too loud you will see the waveform flatten at the top and bottom. Turn the gain down until clipping is eliminated. You can find the gain on the App. (On the Web UI its the little number under the waveform). You will need to wait a couple of seconds to hear the level change because of buffering.

This shows clipped music. It will sound distorted and you should reduce the gain.

The VB1 does not have a phono preamplfier - most turntables sold nowadays have these built in. You will need a seperate phono preamplifier if you have a high end turntable has direct output from the cartridge.

While playing music the network speed is displayed in the waveform display on the app or in the Current Zone panel in the Web UI.

Uncompressed music needs quite a high consistent network speed or you will get dropouts. You can reduce the bandwith required by changing the sample rate and stereo/mono setting.

Mode Speed required
22K Mono 44k
22K Stereo 88k
44K Mono 88k
44K Stereo 176k


I found that I could get much better results (a higher network speed) by opening the admin panel on my Wifi Router and manually selecting a Wifi channel.

[My Virgin Router was set to Auto but it always picked channel 1 and was prone to slow down at certain times - neighbours I assume. I manually selected channel 6 (at random) and got five times the speed]

If you change the mode while playing you will hear the music playing at the wrong pitch for a few seconds. Thats normal.

To turn off VB1 just turn off the power or unplug.

The left input is the outer Phono input. (On the left as you look at VB from the front).

If you are having problems with the app on Android check that you have not disabled Location Services (go to Settings->Location on the phone).

You can turn the hotspot off and on by pressing the button for more than three seconds (but less than seven seconds)

Holding the button for more than seven seconds will do a factory reset.

Software Update

The software version is displayed at the bottom of the Brennan Config panel of the app - or on its own panel in the Web UI.

To update the software with the app - tap on the Version

To update with the Web UI - open the Version panel by tapping the triangle then tap the Update button

Software update takes about a minute and VB will restart. The version will update after the change. Refresh the browser after the update if using the Web UI

You only need to update if you know there is newer software available.

The latest software available is 5th August 2023

Sonos Beam

It appears that the Sonos Beam does not play continuously with the normal settings.

You can make it play by selecting 22kHz Stereo and an 8 second Snippet Duration in the VB1 Web UI.

It looks like a bug or sensitivity in the Sonos Beam but we are looking into it. [Helix does not have a problem and it uses very similar software to VB1]