USB Panel

The USB Panel lets you import music from an attached USB memory or USB hard disk.

  • On B2 the USB memory is usually plugged into USB C. On BB1 there is one USB port and this is called USB A.
  • The path shows the current USB device and subfolder.
  • Files and folders at the current path are shown below
  • If an item is a folder - it has a folder icon - and you can click on it to drill down and display the contents of that folder.
  • The navigation buttons let you go back up the hierarchy or switch between USB ports (only relevant to B2).
  • If you click on the import icon then that file or folder will be imported into the brennan. Only music files will be imported.
  • When import is running the progress will display in the Status bar.
  • You can stop an import by holding the play/stop button on the brennan.
  • When music is imported - the brennan gives each track a parent album and artist from the folders above..
  • When the track is nested in folders corresponding to albums and artist on the USB device then that makes sense. However be aware that you may find imported music in unexpected albums or artists if the USB device is not organised that way. You may find labels like “media” or “usba” appearing as artists and albums. It’s not a problem just rename them to something better after the import is complete.

On the mobile UI the USB panel works the same way but can be found under the Settings tab.