Sonos and Brennan

Sonos and Brennan - made for each other

  • Brennan B2 - Hard disk jukebox
  • 5,000 CD lossless capacity
  • Plays through Sonos and traditional wired speakers
  • 30 Watt Power amplifier, CD Ripper, Internet radio, Spotify, Bluetooth, Web UI, Apps and more

The Brennan can drive traditional wired speakers AND as many as 32 Sonos wireless speakers throughout your home.

You can listen to different music on different speakers at the same time.

Pick the speaker (or zone) from the front panel, our App or the web UI.

CDs have been around since the 80’s and their quality has never been bettered.

The Brennan can rip CDs and play them losslessly through your Sonos speakers.

Lossless means what you hear is identical to the original recording.

Streaming uses lossy compression - like MP3 - which as the name implies throws away some of the detail.

The Brennan now plays CDs direct to Sonos speakers - a World first!

Brennan makes using Sonos as quick as a light switch.


The Brennan gives you best of all audio worlds.