Settings Panel

The Settings Panel shows statistics and software version and lets you change some infrequently needed settings.

In the Original UI open settings by clicking the cog icon.

  • The Memory Usage link will tell you how much internal memory (as opposed to disk) has been used by your music collection.
  • Compression selects the what kind of compression is used. FLAC, MP3 or None.
  • The compression setting does not take effect until the next compression cycle. It only affects files as they are compressed. It does not affect previously compressed files.
  • Segue selects how one track transitions into the next.
  • Scan tells the brennan to scan the disk or SD card and build a new index of music tracks. The progress is displayed next to the Background label
  • Forget tells the brennan to clear any Sonos settings - use this if you add, remove or change your Sonos zones.
  • Scan Sonos tells the brennan to look for any Sonos speakers immediately. Sonos speakers broadcast their presence from time to time this will find them faster.
  • UI mode can be used to force the original (desktop) UI to adopt a particular configuration. NB this is not the same as switching to the Mobile UI.
  • Guest Mode turns on Guest mode and optionally selects a Playlist to be used in Guest Mode. In Guest mode you cannot make changes to the B2 and you can optionally restrict play to the contents of one playlist.
  • HDMI Audio directs the B2 audio to the HDMI (TV) output.
  • Enable Youtube Cache saves Youtubes to internal disk as they are played. Once saved they can be found by Search and can be added to playlists.
  • Big Picture - this setting increases the size of the cover art in the now playing panel.
  • Mobile UI - this switches to the Mobile UI - it won’t affect browsers on other devices. So you can use the desktop browser on your desktop and the mobile on your phone.
  • Debug - this opens a diagnostic window we sometimes use to help fix problems - take a look you cannot do any harm.
  • Bluetooth - this opens the Bluetooth panel.

The Mobile UI is similar but with a subset of the settings.