Quick Guide To Basic Functions

The guide uses the following way to describe a series of actions when using the front panel controls -

Main menu > Settings > Setup WiFi

Is a short way of saying -

  1. Press the knob to access the Main menu
  2. Rotate the knob until you see Settings
  3. Press the knob to select
  4. Rotate the knob until you see Setup WiFi
  5. Press the knobl to select.

When using the Remote Controller -

UpDown and OK are the equivalent of rotating and pressing the Control on the front panel

Prev to play previous track

Find to start Search

Del to delete characters

Back to go to previous menu or exit menu

Rand. to toggle Random mode on and off

Software version

New features and software updates are frequently being added, so please keep checking the website for the latest version

You can check your B2 software version using the Remote Controller - 

Press INFO twice


Software update

To do a Web Upgrade from the front panel -

Main menu > Settings > Web Upgrade

You'll need an internet connection to do this

No internet connection - see 'Latest Software' page (Link) for how to update using a USB memory stick


Connect to the internet using WiFi

See this page

Play a CD

Insert CD - wait for CDDB lookup > choose a Title (there are often more than one) > Press PLAY (if you press the Control Knob at this point it will rip the CD)

If you select a Title, Track names will be shown as the CD playing

Random play mode can be selected

If you decide to rip the CD > Main menu > CD Functions > Rip CD

Rip a CD

This is best done after connecting to the internet so the B2 can use the online CD database, which is usually more up to date

Insert CD - wait for CDDB look up > choose a Title > Select to start ripping



When you rip a CD the B2 copies the CD in the original WAV format. This is then compressed to either FLAC or MP3 when the B2 sitting idle (not playing music). To set Compression -

Main menu > Settings > Compression > Choose FLAC, MP3 or None

CD Title not listed on CDDB

Rip the CD with the Album number the B2 has assigned it e.g. 'Album 248' and rename it later

The tracks for 'Album 248' will be numbered as Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, etc. These can be renamed later

Rename an Album

Main Menu > Browse Albums > scroll to 'Album 248' and push > Rename Album

  1. Press BACK to delete characters
  2. Enter new name
  3. press and hold NEXT

Using the Web UI to Rename is quicker and easier (Link)


Find an Artist, Album or Track

Main Menu > Search > Input text snippet > Press NEXT to view the result/s

Select an Artist, Album or Track then press PLAY to play or press knob to see other options

Press Back to change the text.

Finding an Artist, Album or Track is much quicker and easier using the Web UI.


Backup your Music

To make a backup copy of your music using a USB Hard Disc or USB memory stick (thumb drive) -

Power off the B2
Connect the USB device to USB C (or USB A)
Power on B2
Main menu > USB Functions > Export to C
(If you own a JB7 and intend to load the JB7 from this disk use Backup to C instead of Export to C)

If you have any problems with the backup drive, try formatting the USB device using the B2 - 

Main menu > Settings > Maintenance > Format USB C (or USB A).


Restore your Music

To restore your backup copy of music to the B2 -

Power off the B2
Connect the USB device to USB C (or USB A)
Power on B2
Main menu > USB Functions > Import USB C (or USB A)
(If the disk contains a JB7 backup then use Restore USB C instead of Import)