Playlists Panel

The playlists panel lets you create and manage playlists. Playlists are lists containing artists, albums, tracks or Youtubes. You can play playlists in order or randomly.

  • The Playlist picker lets you select the current playlist.
  • You start playing the playlist by clicking the Play button next to any item in the list.
  • Initially there are seven empty playlists named after colours - you can rename these.
  • The Playlist Menu button lets you create, rename, delete and combine playlists
  • You can assign playlists to presets with the Playlist menu so you can assign them to buttons.
  • The Playlist Item Menu button lets you move or delete individual playlist items.
  • If you have a mouse you can also drag playlist items to rearrange.
  • You can add artists, albums, tracks and Youtubes to a Playlist from many places in the web UI where you see the menu icon next to an item. The new item will be added to the end of the playlist.
  • If you have a mouse you can also drag and drop these items to a particular point in the playlist.
  • If you create a playlist with the name blacklist then any music on that playlist will NOT play when playing all music at random.

The mobile version has its own tab but operates the same way as the original desktop version.