Music Transfer and Backup

Two Ways to Load Music from USB

1) From a JB7/B2 Backup Disk - use Restore
2) Everything else - use Import

This is the file structure of a JB7/B2 backup disk. The Artist is optional and forms part of the Album name.

Import will cope with many file arrangements on the USB device - though the USB device should be formatted FAT16 or FAT32 (not NTFS).

B2 uses the parent folder as the album name and the folder above that as the artist. If there are no parent folders B2 will assign a name like USB C to the artist. You can rename it. 

NB Do not use folder called hardfi if you intend to use import (if you have called it hardfi just rename to something like mymusic).


Does backup transfer everything or just new music?

Backup and export are incremental so they only copy music thats not already on the backup disk.  However... if you rename an artist, album or track it looks like different to whats on the backup so it will be copied. Therefore if you do a lot of renaming delete the old backup and starting over. 

Can I transfer my JB7 music to B2?

Yes backup the JB7 to USB hard disk and use restore on the B2

Does it work with USB3?

Yes and no - USB 3 is backward compatible with USB 2 so B2 will work with USB 3 drives but at USB 2 speeds - 480Mbits. See the toubleshooting page if you have difficulties.

Can I transfer CD tracks to iPhone?

Not directly - you could transfer from B2 to USB stick then use iTunes on PC or Mac

Can I backup B2 using NAS?

Yes - I haven't done it but at least one B2 owner used SyncBack to backup

Backup disk works on USB A only?

Not unusual with bigger disks - USB A has more power.

Can I connect B2 to JB7?

Sorry no. Need a backup disk as intermediary.

JB7 and B2 - do I need two Backups?

Strictly no - but JB7 can't play FLAC files so it might be simpler to have two. 

Can I load FLAC files from USB?

Yes - use USB Functions->Import from C

Can B2 use JB7 Playlists?

Sorry no.

Is there a limit to USB folder depth?

Yes - seven folders deep - the last two are used as the artist and album name on import.

Artist called USB A?

This happens if you import and there is no artist or album folder. Just rename to something sensible.


This is unused by B2