Bluetooth Panel

The Bluetooth panel lets you view and manage Bluetooth connections.

  1. On the desktop UI the Bluetooth panel is accessed via Settings (the cog button).
  2. On the mobile UI the Bluetooth panel is in the Settings section

  • The paired devices area shows Bluetooth devices - phones, speakers, laptops etc. that the brennan has previously been paired with. (That doesn’t mean that the device is currently connected or even nearby).
  • A connected icon shows if a device is currently connected - the image above shows that my LG phone is currently playing music through the brennan.
  • Press Refresh to make sure the Paired devices list is up to date.
  • The Unpair buttons will remove a pairing - basically it tells the Brennan to forget about that device. You can always pair again in the future.
  • The Reset button is more like an all clear or factory reset - for the Bluetooth system - you might use it if you changed the Bluetooth dongle on a B2 for example.
  • Pairing with phones and laptops is controlled by the phone or laptop - the Brennan is always visible and receptive. So there is nothing to do for these connections.
  • To pair with a Bluetooth speaker - you need to make sure the Bluetooth speaker is visible - typically by holding the Bluetooth button until a led pulses slowly - then click Scan Bluetooth

  • After the scan a new panel shows nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • In the image above there is a Bose Bluetooth speaker.
  • Click on the Pair button to pair (and connect) with that speaker.

  • The Bluetooth speaker will then show up in the Paired devices section.
  • When the Output checkbox is checked the brennan will direct its audio output to that Bluetooth speaker.
  • When the Combined output checkbox is checked the Brennan will direct its audio output to both the wired/internal speaker and the Bluetooth speaker.

Please note Bluetooth Output is not guaranteed to work. Many owners use it routinely but some Bluetooth speakers do not work reliably so we do not advertise this capability. We have kept it in the UI for the benefit of those owners that enjoy this facility.

The Mobile UI works the same way though at the time of writing does not support combined output.