Album Panel

The album panel lets you see all the tracks in an album and has functions for each track - like rename, delete and add to Playlist

  • The Album is selected when you click on a track or album in the UI - like the Search, Now Playing, Artist or Playlist panels.
  • The Album panel shows all the tracks in that album - you can scroll for more
  • Click on the Play button to play that track.
  • Click on the menu icon for actions relating to that track - like rename, delete and add to Playlist.
  • If you click on the Album Art you can upload a specific image file to use as album art for that album. You will see a Browse button in the upload tab. Use that to locate your image file on your computer. The image should not be too large. Around 500 pixels maximum is good. You can always replace it later.

  • The mobile version of the Album panel is similar but is part of the Browse panel.
  • The up symbol switches to the parent Artist panel.