Spotify - Librespot

A great thing about the Brennan architecture - based on linux - is that it can grow and grow.
We have just added a facility to run an open source app called Librespot. 
This allows Spotify Premium owners to play Spotify on their B2 or BB1 using Spotify Connect.

You control music selection with the Spotify App on your mobile phone [or computer] and the Brennan does all the work - you don't need Bluetooth, you don't run down the phone battery and you are free to use the phone as a phone.


Make sure you have the latest software (on or after 23rd May 2020)
B2: Settings->Maintenance->Advanced->Get Librespot
BB1: Settings & Tools->Maintenance->Advanced->Get Librespot
The Brennan will reboot with libespot running in the background.

You can now send music from the Spotify app on a phone/tablet on the same wifi network as the Brennan.

The Spotify Connect function can be a little bit hard to find on the phone (well it was for me).
Once connected the music will play through the brennan - not the phone/tablet.

Librespot overrides (or punches through) whatever is playing on the Brennan. You can adjust the volume on the Brennan but you need to use the Spotify App to pick tracks, stop playing etc.

To disconnect select This Phone on the Spotify App.


The Librespot App works on B2 and BB1 but you need a paid Spotify Premium account to use it.

You need the B2B SD card in B2. Librespot is not available for the original B2 SD Card.

Librespot is an open source project and not a Spotify endorsed or sanctioned product. There is no guarantee that it will continue to operate or that Spotify approve of its use - although given that you need a Spotify Premium account to use it - I would guess they are not unhappy

Techy types can get the source code and find out more about Librespot here

 You can find a remove Librespot option in the Brennan Advanced menu if you decide you don't want it or if there is a more up to date version in future.