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Helix is Brennan's newest jukebox.

This is a discounted version of Helix that only supports mono through the line out.  Stereo is available through the optical output and Sonos speakers.

Helix can play CDs directly to Sonos loudspeakers and has Optical and 3,5mm outputs.

Helix can rip CDs to SD card and play your music from the SD card to Sonos or the wired outputs.

Helix displays Artist, Album and Track names and displays album art.

Capacity is detemined by your micro SD card - a 256G card will hold 320 CDs*

There are Apps for iPhone and Android so you can control Helix remotely

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*Helix accepts micro SD cards and has been tested with cards up to 256G. We recommend that you buy premium branded SD cards - like SanDisk or Samsung.

If you prefer you can buy through Amazon