Brennan B2

B2 is a hard disk music player that can store your entire CD collection.

B2 is simple - if you want you can use it like a CD player - just insert a CD and press Play. But it takes just one button click and a few minutes to load (or rip) the CD onto the hard disk.

Track, Album and Artist names are assigned from the internet as you load so you can find music by name later. (By the way - you don’t need an internet connection - B2 has an internal database of 3.5 million CDs).

Store all your CDs on the hard disk and you can declutter your living room, get instant access to any track and play unbroken music at the touch of a button.

Brennan B2 at The Shard, London

B2 uses FLAC compression that's a lossless compression technique so B2 stores an exact copy of what is on the CD.

2Tb model can store 4400 CDs as FLAC - perfect unadulterated copies of your CDs forever.

You don’t need an expensive hard disk though - there is a lower price 64G SD model that will hold 100’s of CDs. You can increase the storage yourself later when bigger SD cards become available.

Find music quickly - just a few seconds to search for a track. Or simply scroll through albums using the volume knob.

You can operate B2 from the front panel or with a remote control or using the fantastic new web UI.

The web user interface lets you control the B2 from your sofa with a laptop, tablet or smartphone and will transform the way you enjoy your music.

But if you want utter simplicity - the Next button turns B2 on and plays your music at random - don’t like what it plays just press again - music as simple as an electric kettle.

Listen to your favourite radio station - via the internet - currently over 750 UK radio stations - so you can listen to Radio Belfast in Cambridge or BBC Radio Four in Spain.

There is an optical SPDIF output on the back so you can deliver the music to a high end DAC or high end audio equipment for uncompromised audio quality.

B2 also has its own 15W+15W RMS power amplifier with chunky 4mm plugs if you want a simple one box music system. (30W RMS means uncomfortably loud in my office).

B2 has Bluetooth so you can play music from Spotify or iTunes etc. on your mobile phone or tablet through the B2.

B2 is machined from solid aluminium and has either a black or stained brushed aluminium front. Its impressively solid and can take a 70kg load (me).

Transfer music into B2 from your Brennan JB7 or Apple iTunes or PC using a USB hard disk.

Backup to an external hard disk so your music is safe in the event of a breakdown.

B2 has a Raspberry Pi Linux computer inside that you can login to and program yourself.

Big bright display that you can read from across a room.

New features - like web upload featured in the Youtube above left - are being added every month. Upgrade the software in seconds over the internet

First month’s production sold out in three hours. First three months production sold in advance.

Order before 2:00pm weekdays - we will ship same day.



19th February - New Android App and Smartphone UI.

Search for "Brennan B2" on the Google Play store for the free Android app that will find your B2 and open up the web UI. One touch access to all your music from your phone.

I've redesigned the web UI so it shuffles things around to fit on your smartphone - but at the same time makes use of all the space on your laptop or desktop browser. I've added some more buttons so its better for touch devices generally.

I'll be doing more work on this - giving you more power from the web UI. So let me have your feedback - and thanks for all the feedback and encouragement so far - very kind!


26th January - 38,000 radio stations!

I've added a vast number of internet radio stations and a way to manage presets through the Web UI courtesy of vTuner. See the internet radio section of Q&A.

Its delightful and somewhat awe inspiring to hear voices and values from around the globe.

16th January - Where's my B2?

Try the new Brennan App for Windows. Opens the Web UI with just a click. You don't need to type or even know the address.  

7th October

Exciting new feature lets you buy music online and transfer to the B2 - so simple - watch the video and see.

Martin buys a track on Amazon and plays on B2 - from his sofa.

Its not just for individual tracks. You can transfer whole albums. Its a good way to consolidate music on several computers.

"I cannot wait to download the next software ... its like Christmas every week" - Tony.

12th August

Martin has been  working on a comprehensive new web user interface that lets you organise and enjoy your B2 using a laptop or tablet - from the sofa.

Got a misspelled track name that always annoys you? - just double click - and put it right.

Want to add an album to a playlist? - just drag it into the playlist.

"The new web interface is fantastic - JM"

Martin Brennan talks about B2 Web UI


I did this Youtube to show the Web UI in action - click on the imge above.

I didn't double click fast enough at 3:42 - I'll do another take when I get time - Martin

Upgrade your B2 here

Brennan on TV

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Brennan on Brennan

Martin Brennan answers questions about the JB7

Martin Brennan answers questions about the JB7

Massive CD database

B2 can obtain album and track names from the internet. But it also has a huge internal database (like JB7) so it can work without an internet connection. The chart shows how the 3.2 million CD database divides into ten broad categories. The classical genre alone contains 300,000 CDs - that's 1.8 miles of different CDs side by side.